Resilient Supply Chain Blog Article

Is Your Supply Chain Resilient?

A resilient supply chain is one that can operate close to normality despite an unforeseen event. We build resilient supply chains by identifying each constraint in...
Work Remotely Blog Article Part 2

The Long Drive to Remote Working – Part 2

The short journey Here and now and the future... In the previous article, we discussed the long road to being able to...
Remote working Blog Article Part 1

The Long Drive to Remote Working – Part 1

The Long Journey 30 years of possibilities and resistance 30 years ago, the large UK Multi-site food company I was working for...
Industrial Symbiosis Blog Article

What is Industrial Symbiosis?

The role of Digital Ecosystems in Circular Supply Chain. This is the fourth installment of the QAD DynaSys blog series focusing on circular supply chains.
Work From Home Blog Article

Home Sweet Office: Manage Your Supply Chain Remotely

The coronavirus outbreak has led many companies to close their offices for the foreseeable future, and for the majority, the only possibility to maintain “normal” business activities has been...
After Crisis CPG Manufacturing Blog Article

Four Critical Steps for CPG Manufacturers to Compete After a Crisis

Years ago, I saw a statistic that many people do not purchase a fire extinguisher for their residences until after they experience an actual incident.  There are probably other...
Demand Sensing Blog Article QAD DynaSys

Demand Sensing & Agile Planning

I got into the habit of cycling to work after the pandemic. The cool morning breeze, the first rays of sunlight in my eyes, what a great Feeling! My...

Roadmap to Supply Chain Resilience Planning

Disruption is not new. We are in the middle of huge disruption, but disruptions of a smaller scale are happening more and more frequently. So they are not going...
Scenario Planning - QAD DynaSys Blog

Scenario Planning: Supply Chains Need a Plan

It’s a universal truth that in supply chains there has to be a plan. A plan of what is going to be sold, a plan of what inventory is...
Demand Planning COVID Best Practices Blog - QAD DynaSys

Demand Planning Against COVID-19 – Best Practices

This is the last of this series of three articles related to the impact of COVID - 19 on demand planning. After an interesting introduction, the second article talked...