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Demand Sensing & Supply Chain Planning

Demand sensing is the term used to describe the concept of short-term demand management in the supply chain planning. I got into the habit of cycling...
Project Manager Supply Chain

In the shoes of a project manager in supply chain

For this third article in the “Supply Chain Experts” series, we interview Michèle Louvel, APS Project Manager. To ensure the success of your project, you need to surround yourself...
product documentation

Product Documentation: Does it really help?

“Why should I read the product documentation?” Let’s be honest:  Have you ever read product documentation, for example the instructions manual when starting with a new...
seasonality in supply chain

Sales & Operations Planning: Always in Season!!

I always am guaranteed a good chuckle when I venture into a retail store a day or two after Christmas. I laugh because in every direction you will see...
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In the shoes of a Technical Consultant

In our previous article, we interviewed Léane Ursprung who helped you understand how to start your APS project. To stay in the analogy of building a house, to ensure...
Build the Supply Chain Planning of your dreams, with the right tools

Build the Supply Chain Planning of your dreams, with the right tools

The key steps of a successful APS project Before embarking your heart and soul on the construction of your house, you must follow a certain number...

Integrated SIOP is Here to Stay, and this may be Why

The Situation As end-user behavior and demand continue to shift rapidly, unified and dynamic operations, with favorable financial outcomes are essential for achieving supply chain resilience. 
Celebrating women in supply chain

IDW: Celebrating women in the global supply chain

In recognition of International Women’s Day, we wanted to pay tribute to women in the global supply chain.  How many women are in the global supply...
Product Documentation

Spreadsheets & Supply Chain Planning: Time to Fix Something that isn’t Broken

I have the extreme pleasure to speak to many manufacturing executives and professionals.  I primarily deal with Consumer Products and Food & Beverage companies but, manufacturing as well. And...
Supply Chain Demand plan

The shape of your business – Use cases for a Demand plan

10 Supply Chain use cases for your Demand plan  Your business aims are defined by your strategy. This defines your markets, product or service type and...