A Union Between Advanced Analytics and Supply Chain Planning

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You probably agree with me on the fact that today’s Supply Chains can’t be but highly connected and automated, because you need to rely on relevant data to make decisions, and you need this data now. QAD DynaSys took the point and embedded an advanced analytics tool within its end-to-end Demand and Supply Chain Planning solution.

These advanced analytics fully integrate with the application, and analytics data are displayed in web environments in the cloud. So you get self-service access to secure information, in real time and with all your mobile devices. Another challenge for Supply Chains is the expanding volume of data to process, and organizations must be able to transform this data into analyzes and trends that prove to be relevant for decision-making.

The data interfaced with an Advanced Analytics solution is common to the entire organization, with end-to-end overall visibility of the supply chain. Everything is integrated into a single solution, easy-to-access to everyone,  to visualize data, optimize your plans, share your analyzes and in the end help you make the best decisions.

In addition, to save you some more time, we built a preconfigured application of Advanced Analytics for QAD DSCP Demand Planning. This app offers you turnkey standard indicators and predefined views derived from best practices.

In analytics applications, environments are intuitive and interactive, views are dynamic and innovative. Analytics makes it possible to group information into readable and relevant axes of analysis, which combine data and give them life, give them meaning for you. Visualizations are organized in the right context to answer any question.

From macro numbers, you get down to the level of detail you’re interested in and intuitively select the elements you need, right now. All screens synchronize on your selection for immediate analysis of relevant data.

You easily share information and analysis with the user-friendly ergonomics of the tool combined with a DSCP solution. Therefore you optimize consensus and decision-making.

This makes it an ultra-collaborative tool, which allows you to open up the different departments of your organization and reduce misunderstandings and conflicts by sharing a common language and a global view.

As a wrap-up, let’s say that at all levels of the business, decisions are based on numbers and that the advanced analytics offer a unique data platform, with global visibility, whether in the big picture or in the detail.

Advanced analytics provide the right data, centralized and aligned for the entire organization, that you analyze and discuss from a single platform.

Juliette Bruneel
Juliette joined QAD DynaSys in 2013, as she wanted to expand her horizons after experiences in Supply Chain as Procurement Planner and Inventory manager (in mail-order then bakery supplies businesses). She currently coordinates the DSCP product documentation and training material, ranging from the presentation of new features to training guides, and the update of demo environments. Out of working hours, apart from managing her domestic Supply Chain as a mother of two teens, she spends her spare time playing the clarinet with the village orchestra and looking for ideas around zero waste and upcycling (such as making handbags from soda pop tabs).


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