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The Evolution of a Supply Chain Planning Support Team

From a small local player …  When I joined “DynaSys SA”, 16 years ago, the company was an independent French provider of Supply Chain software.
Data Science Supply Chain Blog Article

Data Science and Supply Chain: It’s a Match!

We are back with Dr. Diadie Sow for the third and final part of our series dedicated to Data Science. The first part was dedicated to the story of...
Data Sciences Blog Article Part 2 QAD DynaSys

A Day With a Data Scientist

We are back with Dr. Diadie Sow for the second part of our series dedicated to Data Science. In the previous post, he discussed the rise of the data...
Data Science Part 1 Blog Article

Data Science: The Story Up To Now

In recent years, enterprise technology has grown and developed enough to allow companies to fully industrialize data processing activities. The exponential growth of data generation inevitably leads us to...
ISO 9001 Quality Management Blog Article

Extended ISO Certification for Supply Chain Services

The implementation of quality management processes is in line with QAD’s goal to gather all the divisions around a common optimization of their processes and internal behaviors, in order...
Gartner SCC Event Denver Supply Chain Planner Blog Article

A Gartner Summit Just For The Supply Chain Planner

“Who says supply chain cannot be a hotbed of creativity?” Says speaker Josh Linkner, jazz guitarist and founder of digital promotions company ePrize (now HelloWorld) and Detroit Venture Partners....
Building the Future of my Supply Chain Blog Article

Building the Future of my Supply Chain

On June 13th, we have invited our customers and partners to Bordeaux (France) to share their vision and plans to take their supply chain to the next level. 
Gartner European Event 2019 Blog Article

Welcome to “Physi-digital”

June is a happy month at QAD DynaSys.  Not only because the blue skies of the imminent European summer, but also because we get a chance to step out...
Gartner Event 2019

Gartner Supply Chain Event 2019: a New Era

The QAD DynaSys Pilgrimage. On May 16, QAD DynaSys made their annual pilgrimage to Phoenix Arizona to join 3500 other supply chain leaders and analysts from...
Customer Conference Blog

Taking Your Supply Chain to the Next Level at the QAD DynaSys Customer Conference...

Still not registered for The QAD DynaSys Customer Conference 2019? What are you waiting for? The QAD DynaSys Customer Conference ‘19 is going to be a...


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