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Wander Ovomaltine Supply Chain Optimizationvideo

The Digital Transformation to Stay Competitive – A Wander Story

About Wander Wander AG is a manufacturer of high quality Swiss food and beverage products with successful international brands such as Ovomaltine®, Caotina®, Twinings®, Dawa®, Jemalt® and Isostar®; everyone loves their products....
Jurgen Siegle - Landewyck Blogvideo

Plan and Collaborate in a Multi-Partners Environment – A Landewyck Story

Landewyck is an independent Luxembourg company specializing in cigarette production. Their production facilities in Luxembourg producing 45 to 50 million cigarettes per day. Jürgen Siegle joined Landewyck Group approximately 12 years ago....

When the Cloud Helps Saving Lives – A Laerdal story.

Laerdal Medical is a family owned company that develops, manufactures and delivers training solutions, simulation systems and medical devices. If you’ve ever taken a CPR class, you’ve probably used one of...

The State-of-the-Art Supply Chain – An ANCA Story

Did you know everything you touch has been touched by an ANCA machine? The most commonly asked question is “What does ANCA do?” The answer is simple, they make sensory machines. When...

Grow up with accurate and optimized forecasts – A Wesco story.

As a preferred partner for pre-school institutions and schools all around the world, the WESCO group has become a well-known brand in the educational materials market, thanks to: continuous innovation the...

Do You Know how Print Cartridges are made?

Have you ever seen the show “How It’s Made?”? It’s a great look at the manufacturing processes of many everyday products. Inspired by this, I just have to look around me to...

The goal of a S&OP process is clearly to decide. – An ARaymond story

ARaymond is a 150+ year old family-owned company with more than 25 locations worldwide specializing in fastening and assembly solutions by clipping, connecting and bonding. Today, ARaymond works with the automotive,...

From Stone Age to Star Wars – A Solvay story

Speakers: Christian Backaert, Global Supply Chain Excellence Manager, Solvay Christian Leger, Global Commercial & Supply Chain Director, Solvay Philippe Deloro, Global Supply Chain Manager Silica, Solvay Solvay is an international leader in...


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