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Advanced Analytics for Supply Chain: 10 use cases

Manage costs, improve profit: these are the top priorities for supply chain executives today (cf. PwC Global Supply Chain Survey). But executives also know supply chains must balance availability, quality, and...

Business Software Continuous Delivery – Key Factors of Success

Due to the digital transformation, leading companies cannot wait anymore for long migration processes to improve the features of their business software. Continuous delivery aims to cover this must have, but...
Blog DDEA Part 2

DDAE – The Prerequisites for Relevant Information

The last blog detailed the need for relevant information to improve flow which then results in improved ROI.  There are four prerequisites to gaining visibility to relevant information that promotes and...
Delivering Excellent Customer Service – Advanced Analytics is key

Delivering Excellent Customer Service – Advanced Analytics is key

The supply chain is going through the most transformational phase of its existence and this is set to continue with the adoption of Advanced Analytics When I started my career working...
User Experience UX Shaun Phillips DynaSys Blog

UX – The Beauty of Supply Chain Planning Software

The words “user-friendly” have appeared on the requirements list for selecting new technology for many years.  Despite this key selection criterion, the world is somehow full of ugly and clunky software....
Demand Driven Adaptive Enterprise - Carol Ptak - Article 1

Demand Driven Adaptive Enterprise – The Search for Relevant Information

Business is Changing Conventional management practices have tremendous amounts of inertia driven by software, consulting, accounting and academic experts.  Many of these practices trace their origins back to the 1930s and 1950s. ...
Article Machine Learningvideo

The Advent of Machine Learning for Supply Chain Planning

Shaun Phillips is an expert in Machine Learning technologies and is the Global Product Manager at DynaSys. Machine Learning is an application of artificial intelligence in which system can learn from data...

Digitalize the Supply Chain with Blockchain – A Transchain story

Robin Turon Lagot is an expert in Blockchain technology, and the Co-Founder and IoT Developer at TransChain. TransChain is a startup that was created in 2017 with a goal of building a...
Shaun Phillips - DDMRPvideo

DDMRP: the reality beyond the acronym

Shaun Phillips is the Global Product Manager at DynaSys. Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning DDMRP, Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning, is a planning method used for both supply planning and execution control. DDMRP...
Cloud Supply Chain Planning

Supply Chain Planning Software in the Cloud

There comes a time during the discussion about implementing a new Supply Chain Planning software when the question gets asked “Cloud or on-premice?” This is typically when the Supply Chain team...


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