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After Crisis CPG Manufacturing Blog Article

Four Critical Steps for CPG Manufacturers to Compete After a Crisis

Years ago, I saw a statistic that many people do not purchase a fire extinguisher for their residences until after they experience an actual incident.  There are probably other...

Roadmap to Supply Chain Resilience Planning

Disruption is not new. We are in the middle of huge disruption, but disruptions of a smaller scale are happening more and more frequently. So they are not going...
Scenario Planning - QAD DynaSys Blog

Scenario Planning: Supply Chains Need a Plan

It’s a universal truth that in supply chains there has to be a plan. A plan of what is going to be sold, a plan of what inventory is...
Demand Planning COVID Best Practices Blog - QAD DynaSys

Demand Planning Against COVID-19 – Best Practices

This is the last of this series of three articles related to the impact of COVID - 19 on demand planning. After an interesting introduction, the second article talked...
Demand Planning COVID Impact Blog - QAD DynaSys

Demand Planning Against COVID-19: The Impact

In this article, the second of the series analyzing the impact of COVID - 19 on demand planning (find here the first one), you will find a list of...
Demand Planning COVID Introduction Blog - QAD DynaSys

Demand Planning Against COVID-19: Introduction

Due to the emergence of COVID - 19 all company processes have been impacted; especially the supply chain and the flow of materials within it. This article is an...
COVID 19 Supply Chain Impact

My Thoughts About COVID-19 and Supply Chains

The emergence of COVID – 19 impacts the foundations of the economy and society that we know. The supply chain is no different as we see the current global...
Importance of KISS Blog Article

Supply Chain Planning: the Importance of KISS

Complex Supply Chain Planning solutions may not always be the best or the most efficient. When designing a supply chain planning solution or a process it is very important...
COVID Outbreak Value from Crisis Blog Article

The COVID-19 Outbreak: How to Realize Value From a Crisis?

The COVID-19 outbreak is a major disruption to the global economy. The confinement measures taken by many countries are causing demand and supply shocks. Most companies are confronting sharp...
Slower Supply Chain Blog Article

The Slower Supply Chain in Faster Times

A Circular Supply Chain and Increased Expectations Imagine a supply chain where daily deliveries are made directly to your doorstep with the packaging materials picked...


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