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Disruption of Supply Chains : how to cope with demand?

If the health crisis led to a collapse of nearly 25% of manufacturing production in the spring of 2020; it has now bounced back and returned to a level...
Black Friday

Did you say “Black Friday”?

Let’s go back to the future… oops sorry no, 5 years ago (more or less)… another year, another company, another job, another home and another period. My current...
The Future of digital supply chains

The Future of Digital Supply Chains

By 2025, more than 50% of supply chain organizations will have a technology leadership role reporting directly to the chief supply chain officer.(Gartner’s survey, February 2021) This percentage will...

Warehousing: Post-Pandemic Impacts and Challenges

For a few years now, the automotive industry has accelerated towards the adoption of new technologies; like electrification and autonomous mobility. This has led automotive manufacturers to compete with...
How to Select a Supply Chain Planning Tool

How to Select a Supply Chain Planning Tool

How to Select a Supply Chain Planning Tool. So you’ve finally had enough! You’ve just been chewed out by the Head of Accounts because she...
Promotion Planning

Promotion Planning for Supply Chain Planning (part 1)

Trade promotions have always been murky water.  Manufacturers give millions of dollars annually to retailers in the form of slotting fees, sample and trial items, reverse logistics fees, new...
Promotion Planning

Promotion Planning for Supply Chain Planning (part 2)

In the previous article, we have developed four dimensions of a comprehensive promotion planning process. Promotion planning success depends upon the scope, the performance measurement, the accuracy of the...
Forecast accuracy

The Importance of Forecast Accuracy in the Demand Planning Cycle

Demand planning strikes the balance between having sufficient stock levels to meet demand without having surplus as the end goal. But figuring out the quality of your forecast requires...
Agility planning

Why should you invest in agile planning?

What is agile Planning Simply put, Agile Supply Chain Planning is the ability to sense and respond to unanticipated changes in demand or supply quickly and...
sources of data for demand planning

ERP, CRM and PLM sources of data for demand planning

Data is an integral part of the demand planning cycle. But, the trickiness of collecting data comes mainly from pulling it from all the sources of data for demand...


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