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Trade War S&OP Part 1 Blog Article

Your Trade War (and COVID-19) Survival Secret: S&OP – Part 1

It’s May 2020 (flash forward). As in every May in the Northern Hemisphere, flowers bloom, trees bud, and warm breezes predict the coming summer. But the global trade regime...
Oliver Wight SOP IBP

Transitioning From S&OP to IBP and the Non-Negotiables Needed to Make it Happen

Sales and Operations Planning was originated by Oliver Wight in the 1980s and evolved into Integrated Business Planning in the early 2000s to give organisations the ability to keep...
Supply Chain Trends 2020 Blog Article

Is Your Supply Chain Ready for 2020?

Are you prepared for the future? 2020 is no longer in a science fiction movie. It is now. We are facing a volatile economic environment...
Scenario what-if planning blog QAD DynaSys

What is Scenario “What if?” Planning?

Hello. My name is Howard Roddie, UK Services lead with QAD Dynasys. I’m also a keen runner. Today, I want to talk about Scenario planning, also known as “What...
S&OP Santa Blog Article

S&OP: Santa & Opening Presents

The festive period is fast approaching and the biggest and best supply chain in the world is almost ready to be activated. There is no way Santa Claus could...
Circular Supply Chain 2 Blog Article

Circular Supply Chains: The Impact.

Changing a supply chain near you. In a previous post, I wrote on the emergence of Circular Supply Chain models and, whether we welcome it or not,...
Digitization of Retail Supply Chain univers Retail Blog

The Digitization of Retail Supply Chains

Issues and forecast trends in an Omnichannel era The consuming process has changed and is now mainly Omnichannel (physical and digital). This is why the Omnichannel...
QuickStart IBP Blog Article

The Only Certainty is Change – QuickStart IBP

Back in 500 BC, the philosopher Heraclitus came up with the phrase “The only thing that is constant is change”. He also said “No man ever steps in the same river twice”....
Circular Supply Chain Blog Article

What is a Circular Supply Chain?

At QAD DynaSys we proud ourselves on delivering solutions that determine the precise future capacity requirements for an enterprise to trade into the future.  As companies grow, capacity requirements...
Direct To Patient Blog Article

Pharmaceutical Manufacturers are Focusing on Direct-to-Patient Distribution

How and when a patient receives their medications continues to change. Traditionally manufacturers have relied on wholesalers because of their ability to navigate regional complexities and their capacity to gain access into...


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