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Demand Planning Garden Blog Article Ludovic Lezenven

Demand Planning – We Must Grow our own Garden

In my backyard I have a garden where I grow fruits and vegetables. I am enjoying seeing the fruits of my labor such as frail buds of a tender...
Demand Planner Role Blog Article

The Evolution of the Demand Planner Role

The role of the demand planner has evolved during the past years, and so are the tools available to support their ability to forecast future sales and customer demand...
Luxury Trends Blog Article

Top Trends in Luxury Brands That Will Influence the Future of Your Supply Chain

The luxury brand market has never looked so good! Worldwide, the luxury brand market expects to reach € 915 billion this year.  According to the latest...
Connected Supply Chain Food and Beverage

The Effects of a Recall Can Be Minimized With a Connected Supply Chain

It seems like there are more product recalls now than ever before.  Some recalls are for actual contaminated products and some are for precautionary measures.  Regardless of the issue,...
Valentines Day Howard Blog

Take These (Supply) Chains From my Heart – Planning for Valentine’s day.

Introduction - Well, hello Supply chain planning may seem oh so unromantic - what with all the talk of S&OP, and IBP and all of our...
Demand Driven Adaptive Enterprise Model

Becoming the Demand Driven Adaptive Enterprise

The DDAE model has a defined development path for companies to achieve increasing levels of success through their demand driven transformation.  This path has five distinct stages.  The entire...
DSCP Happiness Blog Article

Does Your ROI for DSCP Investment Include a Factor for Happiness?

It is easy for those of us involved in technology sectors to become completely enamored with the technology itself. We are correspondingly driven to calculating some quantitative measurement of...

MTO, MTS & ATO: Challenges & Opportunities

In the manufacturing area, organizations have always been facing difficulties to manage their activity depending on their business model. Excess inventoryService level under expectationsExcessive supply chain...
Blog DDEA Part 5

The DDAE Model – Metrics, Ranges and Next Steps

 Prerequisite #3: Flow-Based Metrics. The DDAE model uses different metric emphases within each of the operational, tactical and strategic relevant ranges to promote and protect flow today and into the future.  Operational...
Blog DDEA Part 4

The Demand Driven Adaptive Enterprise Model

The Demand Driven Adaptive Enterprise model is a management and operational model designed to enable enterprises to adapt to complex and volatile environments.  The model utilizes a constant system of innovation...


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