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Luxury Connected Supply Chain Blog

Manufacturers of Luxury Products Must Synchronize Their Supply Chains

Read the first part here. Manufacturers who produce luxury or high end items in a variety of categories face many challenges.  Raw materials can be expensive and have specialty geographic sources. Production...
Luxury Challenges Blog

Luxury Products Manufacturers Face Challenging Supply Chains

Supply and demand.  The two drivers of almost all businesses.  Manufacturers produce products (the supply) and consumers purchase those products (the demand).  When you analyze a manufacturers business from top to...
Romain Schneider Maunoury Cloud Supply Chain Blog Articlevideo

Bring Your Supply Chain to the Next Level With the Cloud

There comes a time during the discussion about implementing a new advanced planning system when the question gets asked, “What hardware do we need to run it on?” This is typically...
S&OP IBP Software Choice Blog Article

Is the Purchase of S&OP/IBP Software Keeping you Awake at Night?

According to Gartner, the adoption of supply chain software continues to accelerate. That has confirmed my gut feeling and spurred me to put some thoughts on paper. There is indeed a...
S&OP How to Move Past Tradition Lora Cecere

S&OP: How to Move Past Tradition

With the rise of the global multi-national organization, Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) increases in importance. It is a way to align and drive balance within the organization to align strategy...
Paul Eckersley - From Sales & Operations Planning to IBP - Thumbnailvideo

From S&OP to IBP – Supply Chain and Finance

Paul Eckersley, Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) expert, works for DynaSys as a Global Sales & Account Manager.  From Sales & Operations Planning to Integrated Business Planning S&OP, at its essence, is a...
Automotive Industry - DynaSys Blog

Automotive Manufacturers – Supply Chain Trends

The Future of Automotive Industry Automotive suppliers must meet OEM-driven expectations for ensuring on-time delivery. Part of this challenge is centered on proper planning. Suppliers have always faced difficulty in managing fluctuating...
Pulling It All Together to Finish the Symphony - Integrated Business Planning IBP

Pulling It All Together to Finish the Symphony

IBP requires a combination of talent, processes and systems to support it.  It has to be led from the top and the starting point to get buy-in is training and education...
Winning the Business Case for Integrated Business Planning IBP

Winning the Business Case for Integrated Business Planning

There are obvious benefits to implementing Integrated Business Planning but many organisations still continue to work in traditional silos and firefight their way through as it is perceived as too costly...
Working in harmony through Integrated Business Planning

Working in harmony through Integrated Business Planning

In the book Orlicky’s Material Requirements Planning, George Plossl states the first law of manufacturing: ”All benefits will be directly related to the speed of flow of information and materials.” (See George Plossl,...


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