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What is Integrated Business Planning (IBP)?

Integrated Business Planning (IBP), as mentioned in the What Is S&OP? article, is a process that Executive Management frequently uses. Also, it ensures that the company allocate sufficient financial...
S&OP-A 7-Step Business Process

S&OP: A 7-Step Business Process

An underlying concept of the What Is S&OP? article is the commonality of an S&OP plan and process. As a structured, repeatable process, S&OP planning provides a common lingo...

Advantages of S&OP for Supply Chain Management

What are the advantages of S&OP? As noted in the What is S&OP? article, Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) provides companies with unique capabilities. A mature S&OP helps to...
Roles and Responsibilities of S&OP

Roles and Responsibilities of S&OP

Defining the different Roles and Responsibilities of S&OP. As noted in the What Is S&OP article, a multi-functional S&OP team allows each organization to participate in plan development. Usually...
Operations Leader’s Role in the S&OP

Operations Leader’s Role in the S&OP Process

What is the Operations Leader’s Role in the S&OP Process? First of all, the Operations Leader is part of the Roles and Responsibilities of S&OP. He/she needs to develop...
The 5 key pillars of S&OP

What are the 5 Key Pillars of S&OP?

What are the 5 key pillars of S&OP? The What Is S&OP? article states that the structured format of S&OP processes makes the S&OP planning methodology repeatable across businesses...
What is S&OP

What is S&OP?

Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) is a structured planning process that uses forecasted customer demand to drive production schedules. It is a “boundary spanning” activity. that, in order to...


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