End-to-End Supply Chain – A Cémoi Story

Cémoi is an independent French chocolate group founded in 1814. The company has 2,000 employees in France, 3,000 employees worldwide, 24 sites around the world, including 14 in France. Cémoi is run by the Poirrier family, who has been at its head for 3 generations now.

Cémoi has a unique model in the way that the whole chain is integrated, meaning that the journey starts with the planters, with the cocoa bean, and continues through the whole transformation process to the final product.

Their main supply chain challenge is to meet both the needs of retail and B2B customers.

The benefits of the DSCP solution are focused on several items: sales forecasting with an increased reliability of the forecast. At the planning level with a better visibility on our lines, saturation and available capacity. And at the inventory level with a better level of stock that allows us to increase our service rate.

By the past, Cémoi faced several issues which required a strong Demand & Supply Chain Planning process and tool. For instance, a tragic event, one of their Spanian site burn. In a few weeks, Cémoi had to integrate all the production on their French sites, and the DSCP solution they are using allowed them to model the full available capacities and to efficiently integrate these products on their lines. A second example is the transfer of one of their Perpignan’s site to the new Torremila plant. They had to move all the production lines and thus model all the constraints, the management of flows and products.

Their next challenges are to improve the service rate, but also to create the KPIs that will allow them to communicate efficiently with the general management, and every month with sales and marketing through their S&OP cycles.