Integrated Business Planning – A Chaucer Story

Chaucer Foods are leaders in the baked and freeze-dried sectors and collaborate with major retail and foodservice brands, and manufacturers throughout the world. The company was founded in 1982 in the UK, and have been purchased by Nagatanien, a Japanese company, in 2016.

They provide ingredients, products, and solutions of the very highest quality, sustainably sourced, with first-class support for innovation and exceptional customer service.

Chaucer is a global business, it’s one of their unique selling points compared to their competitors, as they have facilities across all parts of the US, the UK, France, and China, as well as a global supply base to meet their customers’ needs.

Their main challenges in the market are socio-economical, such as Brexit, such as tariffs in the US. Also, the company is a fast-growing business so human resource management is a huge challenge. 

Chaucer’s main supply chain challenge is the security of their material as it is impacted by the economical environment and the weather across the globe.

Nigel Nelson joined Chaucer as a COO, and had previous experience with Delos Partnership. The consulting company came into the business to identify where Chaucer could improve sales while implementing integrated business planning process. They had education workshops been supported by Delos, where they brought the regional heads of all of our countries.

The company’s supply chain has evolved significantly since working with Delos, and all the sales managers and stakeholders are now motivated to provide an accurate and on time forecast.

Angela Lofthouse, Global Sales Director at Chaucer Foods, describes their relationship with Delos as a very collaborative one.

“We have workshops to continuously MOT our business planning process. Delos’ business is very approachable, and if we have any queries or questions they are always there as a sounding board.”

Chaucer’s team realized that they would need a tool to enable them to forecast correctly. Spreadsheets weren’t going to cut it anymore so they needed a planning solution.

They started with a large tender list of potential suppliers, went through what they required out of the forecasting tool and came down to a short list.

Chaucer chose QAD DynaSys as a solution as they felt this met all of their needs as a business to go forward, according to Gavin Evans, Group IBP & Supply Chain Manager at Chaucer.

“We decided we needed the demand planning solution so we could clean up and ensure we weren’t overstocked on raw materials so we serve our customers on time.”  

Chaucer’s Demand Planning solution is a Cloud-based system which works for all their remotely-based salespeople.

The demand planning solution allowed them to control their cash much more efficiently, having the right stock, at the right place, at the right time and has also improved their service level. Also, they are drying their material at the right place, at the right time, so ultimately it’s a cost in a customer service benefit.

In addition, the company now have a much better visibility of what the business future looks like by customers, regions, markets, and are able to analyze what they need now to support the demand for their customers.