Collaboration and demand review

Collaboration and demand review

Now that you’ve made the decision to implement a demand planning cycle as well as gathered your clean data in one place, your next step is to ensure that the different functions of your business are collaborating effectively. This is a crucial component of your demand plan. 

Collaboration tools give you the ability to apply judgment throughout the process and gain insights through all functions of the business. It also creates real-time cohesion through your teams as well as providing an environment where data is used dynamically and simultaneously.

How do you set up your business to create collaboration and demand review? The following are key to ensuring success:


Time zones and languages shouldn’t be a barrier in your demand planning process. It’s important to unify your language so that your data stays consistent. IE. Using the same volume measurements, currency, values, and wording. That way the collaboration process is not confined to geography or even your enterprise. Instead you can include collaboration from distributors, third party logistic providers and contract manufacturers.


When developing a demand plan, one consideration is being able to adapt and respond in real-time; which means accessing your information on the go is crucial. When selecting a software framework, mobility should be a consideration so that you’re not stuck depending strictly on a desktop computer. By leveraging mobility, you can have real-time alerts sent to your device, access information at your fingertips, and can use the camera to scan a barcode to get an immediate package identification and location update.

By considering collaboration and demand review as an integral pillar to your demand planning, you’ll be able to respond in real-time to disruptions as well as plan and organize across geography without limits due to stationary technology. Finally, effective demand planning can ensure the success of your business and save you time, money and shortfalls.

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