The Digital Transformation to Stay Competitive – A Wander Story

About Wander

Wander AG is a manufacturer of high quality Swiss food and beverage products with successful international brands such as Ovomaltine®, Caotina®, Twinings®, Dawa®, Jemalt® and Isostar®; everyone loves their products. The company was founded 150+ years ago in Bern with their production sites still in Switzerland; they are very proud of their Swissness. Wander is a direct supplier of the retail market in Switzerland and exports their products through independent distributors to several European countries

Digital Transformation as a Solution

Manufacturing is very challenging for Switzerland because they are a high costs country with a very strong currency in the middle of the European Union. Therefore, Steffen Grill, IT Manager, believes that a Digital Transformation can be leveraged to stay competitive in the market. Additionally, Switzerland has one of the highest labor cost in the world. Therefore, automation is key factor for manufacturing companies, especially those in the food & beverage market, as they cannot survive if their production sites based in Switzerland are not highly automated because there will always be cheaper places to produce.

Wander selected DynaSys DSCP as their integrated solution to manage their Demand & Supply Chain Planning processes. DSCP provides Wander end-to-end visibility of their customers demand and the forecasting allows them to plan fulfillment within their ERP solution.

Today, Wander and DynaSys have a successful joint partnership. According to Stefan Stucki, Chief Financial Officer, “Together, we are running a very successful project that is on time and within the costs; that is the most important factor for me as a Finance Director.”

The most important outcome they experienced with their new DSCP installation was the elimination of platform risks associated with their outdated system. Additionally, operating costs were reduced and Wander was able to have the latest functionalities in terms of Shelf Life Management, Promotion Management Flow and Forecast Netting.

At Wander, Digital Transformation is not just a buzzword but a strategic choice.