Digitalize the Supply Chain with Blockchain – A Transchain story

Robin Turon Lagot is an expert in Blockchain technology, and the Co-Founder and IoT Developer at TransChain.

TransChain is a startup that was created in 2017 with a goal of building a new digital platform using Blockchain technology for all supply chain professionals.

The Blockchain

Blockchain is a new technology that can be used as a big ledger for storing all the information and transactions that occurred on Blockchain since its creation.

The purpose of Blockchain is to bring trust to a trustless environment, which is the case for Supply Chain.

Supply Chain is a trustless environment because you have a lot of professionals who need to work together and exchange information, but because these professionals don’t know each other, they need to use a third-party solution. However, the problem with third-party solutions is they are expensive and very slow.

The Blockchain is not another third-partie

Blockchain brings people together by creating a trusting community between all businesses using the platform. Every user on Blockchain shares all their information on the platform, but you need a private key to access the information which allows users to feel their information is confidential.

The Blockchain in Supply Chain

Blockchain technology can be used in a variety of cases in the supply chain; litigation, traceability or automation are just a few examples of where we can use this technology.

For example, with all the recent alimentary scandals, Blockchain is able to trace goods very fast because all the information regarding the good is shared on the same platform. After tracing the good, we are able to directly identify all the batches that could have been contaminated and recall them very quickly.

Blockchain and Demand & Supply Chain Planning

Demand & Supply Chain Planning (DSCP) and Blockchain work together by connecting DSCP to the Blockchain. For instance, with the expansion of the internet of things, we can integrate all connected devices to the Blockchain, store all the data it produces, certify the data and then use this data to improve sales forecasts.

Blockchain brings trust.

To learn more about BlockChain, please visit TransChain’s Website.