Fashion supply chain – A Maroquinerie Thomas story

Maroquinerie Thomas

Maroquinerie Thomas is a family business founded in 1937 by Auguste Thomas, now in the hands of the 4th generation. The company offers its knowhow to the leading luxury brands. With its 6 facilities in France (Semur-en-Auxois, Saulieu, Montmirail, Macon, Bapaume and Arras), Maroquinerie Thomas has found the way of combining traditional knowhow with an industrial organization to ensure optimal customer satisfaction.

The 1,500 employees of the firm are capable of manufacturing many types of traditional leather goods (purses, wallets, key rings, card holders, etc.), from the single one-off unit to runs of several thousand items.

A lack of flexibility that endangered the supply chain process

It goes without saying that the Maroquinerie Thomas supply chain needed greater flexibility and adaptability to keep up with the challenges of the luxury and fashion sectors, allowing for seasonality (up to 6 collections per year) and the levels of precision they demand. The multi-site structure is an asset in terms of capacity but may add further complexity to flow management. This point encouraged the company to implement end-to-end solutions that are structural and HIGHLIGHTS agile at the same time.

The needs highlighted during specification development were: greater capability to manage aggregated data; greater data transparency and reliability; more exchanges between the central site and the workshops, and therefore between the various business lines; taking into account specific characteristics of each stakeholder; greater anticipation by robust planning, particularly for the Master Production Schedule (MPS); greater autonomy for each entity; more analyses of key performance indicators, etc. Last but not least, the cloud delivery, which is essential because it is part of the company strategy for the administration of its information system.

The solution : centralization through collaboration

Three software vendors were in competition. Only one made it through and it was QAD DynaSys and its Production Planning, Procurement Planning and Advanced Analytics solutions.

“We didn’t want to change our internal processes, just improve them and provide them with the necessary technological and technical support”

Christophe Pinard, MT Supply Chain Manager

Christophe Pirnard added, “The difference came from the robustness, ergonomics and especially the agility of the QAD DynaSys solutions. Today, information is centralized, but it comes from everyone, from everywhere, and can be accessed by everyone and anywhere.”

Based on all the data aggregated by the QAD DynaSys solutions at the Semur-en-Auxois central site and the definition of the role to be played by each person, the supply chain team draws up a Master Production Schedule (MPS) which will be used as a guideline.


Is the result tangible? “It would have been much more difficult to operate without the Production Planning, Procurement Planning and Advanced Analytics solutions during this Covid 19 pandemic,” confirms Christophe Pinard. “Dozens of MPSs had to be recreated in 3 or 4 months to incorporate the new constraints, particularly in terms of supply. The tool has demonstrated how agile and powerful it is, largely thanks to its simulation capabilities. It has enabled us to adapt to this particularly tense period and continue to satisfy our customers and maintain activity on our production facilities.”

Finally, QAD DynaSys’ Procurement and Production Planning solutions coupled with Advanced Analytics have allowed Maroquinerie Thomas to centralize and share secured and always up-to-date information within their work environment and to increase their flexibility and agility during rough time.

Together, these advantages have enabled Maroquinerie Thomas to adapt to this particularly tense period and continue to satisfy their customers and maintain activity on their production facilities.

To discover all the details of this Supply Chain project:

Download the Maroquinerie Thomas case study.

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