From Stone Age to Star Wars – A Solvay story


  • Christian Backaert, Global Supply Chain Excellence Manager, Solvay
  • Christian Leger, Global Commercial & Supply Chain Director, Solvay
  • Philippe Deloro, Global Supply Chain Manager Silica, Solvay

Solvay is an international leader in the chemical industry with more than 100 production sites and locations across 58 countries that employ approximately 30,000 people. Their main focus has always been competitiveness and customer orientation, but more recently their main objective has been growth. Solvay is facing growing competitive pressure that requires them to manage their costs and optimize their assets in the best way possible.

Today, it’s very difficult to understand the markets because they are constantly changing; Solvay has found it very useful to have a real S&OP process. The goal of a S&OP process is to have a long-term vision of what the demand is and the capacity needed to fulfil that demand. Additionally, a S&OP platform not only allows you to forecast, but plan for distribution and production all on one optimized planning tool. Four years ago, Solvay bid out for a S&OP tool and DynaSys was one of the 5 vendors that bid; the decision was unanimous.

Moving from Excel to DynaSys was a huge step for US, it was like moving from the Stone Age to Star Wars in a couple of days.

Solvay is working with DynaSys on team collaboration; they want all of their teams: commercial, plant, production and supply chain, to work together to make sure that they are delivering the short and mid-term visions that are necessary to keep a high service level for their customers. A couple of month ago, when Solvay achieved their demand review, they noticed that the customer forecast was very different from what the DynaSys tool was forecasting. They thought, “Hum, the customer is right,” and they didn’t pay attention to what the tool was forecasting. However, the DynaSys tool was right, there was a peek in the demand.

At the end of the day, Solvay enjoys being able to have a real-time view of the demand, planning, mid-term planning, available capacity and inventory.