Grow up with accurate and optimized forecasts – A Wesco story.

As a preferred partner for pre-school institutions and schools all around the world, the WESCO group has become a well-known brand in the educational materials market, thanks to:

  • continuous innovation
  • the creation and selection of quality products, complying with European safety standards,
  • communication and consultation with school and pre-school professionals.

Wesco’s vision is that every child has the right to grow up in a safe and secure environment. Wesco products are found in nurseries, daycare centers and elementary schools, and they work with the B2C customers like parents. What makes Wesco unique is their product innovation and customer service. Since customer expectations are always changing, every time a customer meets Wesco, their goal is to exceed the customer’s expectations. At Wesco they say, “Nous avons l’habitude de dire que le client est le roi,” or “the customer is always right!”.

It’s very crucial for Wesco to have a central source of information because they deal with many different customers, products, currencies and languages. Wesco has 1400 types of products, therefore, they need to be able to anticipate sales, especially when they have high seasonality on some products.

Forecasts are the starting point of the supply chain. By utilizing the DynaSys Demand & Supply Chain Planning (DSCP) Solution, Wesco expects to improve their forecasting accuracy and optimize their stock levels to improve customer satisfaction.


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