Extended ISO Certification for Supply Chain Services

ISO 9001 Quality Management Blog Article

The implementation of quality management processes is in line with QAD’s goal to gather all the divisions around a common optimization of their processes and internal behaviors, in order to improve the overall customer service quality.

At QAD DynaSys, the R&D, Professional Services and Support teams engaged, in 2016, in a “Quality Certification” process, compliant with the wish and policy initiated by the Group.

From the beginning of this project, Stéphane Weishard, VP Global Services, is involved to support the project team, as he sees it as an opportunity to use quality as a tool to leverage changes and evolutions the Professional Services are going through with the global development of our activities.

In addition to the objectives set by QAD and the certification’s standards, our team follows a clear and ambitious guideline: promote the quality as second nature and register it deeply into our DNA.

At first, our work was to understand the ISO Certification, and how to implement it the right way, in compliance with its requirements, but also with the Professional Services specificities. We then focused on describing what we are doing into the process, ensuring that our practices were compliant with the ISO Spirit and that everybody was using these practices.

Today, after a long hard work, the ISO Certification has been acquired for all our versions prior to 2008, improving our process and the customers’ satisfaction. However, the road to success is still long as quality in an ever-going challenge, requiring an everyday involvement. We entered a new step, with new challenges: to sustain our results, to consolidate our achievements in order to grow in maturity and move forward to the next steps. Our current challenges are to identify new evolutions’ opportunities or dysfunctions, to define action plans about them, but also to share with the whole team about difficulties and success they meet, in order to create a continuous improvement cycle within the Professional Services. 

In the meantime, maintaining a level of quality in compliance with the certification and our customers’ expectations requires a continuous investment to confirm that our quality management system is still efficient: both internal and external auditors regularly challenge it to ensure its perfect working.

Fortunately, despite all the involvement the ISO Certification requires, it leads to many advantages:

  • Improvement of the understanding of our job, and what really makes its quality and added value;
  • Multiplication of the interactions between all the ISO certified team within QAD DynaSys, which led to a multidisciplinary approach of our customers’ project;
  • Harmonization of our practices, rationalization of our processes and documentation, leading to productivity improvements and a better risk identification and management
  • Increase the involvement of the team, with a renewed attention to the quality of the service provided and to the priorities of our customers by constantly ensuring that their needs are met.