A Fast, Accurate and Collaborative Supply Chain – The JJA Story

JJA is a family-owned and independent company established in 1976. It is a human-sized company rich of its family history based on 3 core values: ethics, performance, and innovation.

JJA is one of the major European leaders in the distribution of home equipment goods. The company goal is to offer to its retailers and distributors a large range of trendy products at the best value for money ratio with a permanent availability of stock.

As a brand manufacturer, JJA design, make manufacturing, carry and distribute more than 22.000 items, continuously displayed in their showrooms. The company employs 500 people located in France and in China with strong competencies to serve the needs of our customers. They have more than 4 000 customers worldwide, representing all retail chains: from independent stores, to central purchasing and online Pure Players.

A key aspect of JJA’s business model is the availability of stock. They commit to deliver every single item within 72 hours, and can do it thanks to 200.000 square meters of their own storage areas.

JJA have to manage a complex supply chain with headache constraints such as fast market changes, long manufacturing lead-times, high sales seasonality and up to 40% of new items every season. Therefore, their ability to forecast the potential demand and manage inventory to avoid shortages or overstocks is critical.

As the business grows, JJA wanted to redesign the whole supply chain process to stay ahead and price competitive on the market. To help them with that, they are using QAD Dynasys, mainly because of:

  • The expertise of QAD Dynasys teams, over 30 years of proven track records, in forecasting and procurement activities;
  • The functional capabilities of the solution, as well as the simplicity of all analytics it gives;
  • And the possibility to customize all workspaces of the solution to fit to their process.

According to Lisa Hubac, buyer at JJA, their previous way of working was definitely slower, difficult to share and less accurate than it is today. They also noticed a better control of their inventory and safety stocks and consequently a better customer service level, a relevant and dynamic forecast and procurement process, easier, faster and incredibly intuitive which help to empower people in making smart and efficient decisions.

In addition, the solution helped them to implement a complete and collaborative S&OP process with sales, logistic and financial departments to perfectly align strategy, budget and operations.

After just 1 year, JJA feel the difference and positive impact of QAD Dynasys and this is just the beginning.