My 5 years experience as Field marketing manager in Supply Chain planning

Who does not remember their first day at a new company? Mine was five years ago at QAD DynaSys, and I am still as excited to come to work as I was on my very first day. I joined the company as a Marketing Specialist to promote QAD DynaSys’ Digital Supply Chain Planning (DSCP) solutions on the French market . 

Let me tell you about five of my best experiences working at QAD DynaSys!

1. Collaborating with a Smart, Dynamic, and Creative team

Across all the departments, regions, countries, and  people I have been lucky enough to work with at QAD, there are a few underlying, common values. They are driven by excellence and customer satisfaction, fully committed, and involved, dynamic, and fun!  I have learnt so much from all of them and from each project we have collaborated on. I have had the opportunity to meet so many interesting people- a big thank you to all of you!

Collaboration and teamwork are key values at QAD DynaSys, allowing us to overcome  big challenges, become stronger, more creative and overall more efficient together. 

While we have also had some difficult moments, stressful situations, and things that did not go as planned, , we have all learned together and grown as a team.

2. Working for a Global Company 

QAD DynaSys, a division of QAD, is a global company. Thanks to this, I had the incredible opportunity to travel for the first time in my life to the U.S., visiting the beautiful cities of San Francisco and New Orleans, and to several different countries within Europe. Not only did these make great memories discovering all those beautiful places and offices, and I was also able to meet customers and coworkers from all over the world!

Unfortunately,  the COVID-19 crisis has impacted the ability to travel. But due to the agility and flexibility of QAD DynaSys’ network, we have kept  in touch with our coworkers, customers, and partners from the very first day of the lockdown. 

Even though I am originally from France, I have always felt as though I am part of a global company, whether it is face-to-face, remotely; wherever there people are in the world. 

3. Developing Supply Chain Expertise 

Five years ago, I joined QAD DynaSys as a Marketing Specialist, not as a Supply Chain specialist. Thanks to all the events such as conferences, webinars, among others, content, and marketing campaigns I created with the team, all the discussions with the stakeholders (co-workers, customers, companies, partners), I have learned a lot, and fairly quickly, garnering knowledge from all of their experiences, challenges, and issues. 

Moreover, thanks to the QAD DynaSys Resource Center, and the QAD DynaSys blog, I participated in training sessions and quickly understood the specifics of  S&OP, the demand and supply chain planning process, next generation digital supply chain planning, and why financial and scenario planning is so important.

All of these factors contributed to my decision to validate my knowledge of the subject, and to study and sit for my CPIM Part 1 certification, backed by the support of QAD DynaSys.

It is always a real pleasure to deal with supply chain planning challenges and issues, and to support companies I am working with by building their supply chain together

4. Efficient Creativity 

In my role, I perfectly understand QAD DynaSys’ vision and strategy. 

I know where I have to go, what I am asking for, and why. What is most interesting is to answer the question “How?”. QAD DynaSys encourages and supports creativity to innovate, test, suggest, and learn with all existing and available resources. There are no bad or good answers. Anybody can suggest any realistic new idea, ask any question, feel free to comment, and bring feedback. Employees are truly listened to and regarded. 

Thanks to management and coworkers who put their trust in me, I have always felt comfortable and  confident.  continuously pushes me to be a creative force and take initiatives every day.  

5. Recognition and Work-Life Balance 

Last but not least, recognition and work-life balance are  drivers to me, which is something I was lucky enough to have immediately found at QAD DynaSys. 

I was honored to be awarded in Santa Barbara, California, 1 year after I joined the team. It was such a privilege and remarkable experience to be recognized on stage! 

Work-life balance is also in QAD DynaSys’ DNA. As a mother and active woman, having enough free time is essential to me. Luckily this is equally important for my fellow employees  at QAD DynaSys! Every day I enjoy doing my job, take care of my son when school is out, work out  (also supported by the QAD Olympics), and have fun with friends and family. Very often these coworkers are present during afterwork meetups!

Moreover, as human beings, we all have ups and downs, and go through moments that are more difficult than others. The team has always been a great support and I can consider them as a second family. 

In conclusion, I joined QAD DynaSys as a Marketing Specialist five years ago, and I am today in charge of the EMEA Field Marketing.This is a milestone that would have never been possible with the continued trust and support of my teammates and colleagues

I hope you now understand why I am still just as enamored by  working at QAD DynaSys even five  years on. 

If you are also looking for exciting challenges, intelligent creativity, efficiency and excellence, and working with great people to develop and promote an ingenious and strategic tool for companies, feel free to visit our career page!

I’m ready for whatever the next five years may have in store 🙂 

Dorothée Dossmann
With 15 years of experience and a Master degree, Dorothée Dossmann joined QAD DynaSys as a Marketing Specialist. She is passionate about Marketing and Communication and is in charge of promoting QAD DynaSys and unites professionals around Supply Chain issues and challenges through innovative and valuable events such as seminars, webinars, and workshops. Well balanced in her personal life, she is very family oriented and proud of her basketball player son!