Daft Punk Machine Learning Blog Article

Machine Learning: Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

How Daft Punk Inspires us on Supply Chain Planning In their 2001 hit “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger”, Daft Punk demonstrated how using electronic music did not mark the...

Responsive and Flexible Fresh Supply Chain – A Sodebo Story

Sodebo is a family-owned French food product manufacturer founded in 1973. Their goal is to be the #1 manufacturer in four package categories: Salads, sandwiches, frozen pizza, and ready-to-eat...
3D Printing Consumer Products Blog Article

Consumer Products Supply Chain Disruptor: 3D Printing

The use of advanced technologies is significantly transforming the manufacturing of all products and having a tremendous impact on the supply chain.  Internet of Things, BOTS, Machine Learning, Blockchain,...
Deloitte Blog Article Demand Driven

Demand-Driven Supply Chain Management: What’s in it for you

Our customers reduce inventories by over 30 % and increase service levels by 14 %-points on average using Demand-Driven Supply Chain Management Why Conventional Supply...
Direct To Patient Blog Article

Pharmaceutical Manufacturers are Focusing on Direct-to-Patient Distribution

How and when a patient receives their medications continues to change. Traditionally manufacturers have relied on wholesalers because of their ability to navigate regional complexities and their capacity to gain access into...
Veronika Hogard Supply Chain blog article

Supply Chain is not Only About the Money

Commonly, effective supply chains are defined as having the right product, at the right time, at the right place, in the right quantities, and of the right quality. Doubtlessly,...
Building the Future of my Supply Chain Blog Article

Building the Future of my Supply Chain

On June 13th, we have invited our customers and partners to Bordeaux (France) to share their vision and plans to take their supply chain to the next level. 

A Fast, Accurate and Collaborative Supply Chain – The JJA Story

JJA is a family-owned and independent company established in 1976. It is a human-sized company rich of its family history based on 3 core values: ethics, performance, and innovation.
Wobbly Toddler and Advanced Technology Blog Article

Wobbly Toddlers and Advanced Technology

As part of my role at QAD I have the great honor of being part of the core advanced technology team. I am often engaged with discussions around...
Analytics S&OP Oliver Wight Blog Article

Supply Chain Analytics to Enhance Your S&OP Process

In the last decades, the S&OP/IBP (Sales & Operations Planning / Integrated Business Planning) process has been continuously changing, adapting to the moving needs of the companies but also...