Autonomous Supply Chain Blog Article

The Autonomous Supply Chain – Can we Fly by Wire?

Supply Chain - “it’s not Rocket Science” Many years ago, on a train heading out of London, I was sitting next to a recruitment consultant having...
From Excel to DSCP Blog Article

From Excel to State-of-art Demand Planning Solution

Project success!! I have just completed a new demand planning project.  As I reflect on the before and after, I am truly amazed how far our customer has come...
Importance of KISS Blog Article

Supply Chain Planning: the Importance of KISS

Complex Supply Chain Planning solutions may not always be the best or the most efficient. When designing a supply chain planning solution or a process it is very important...
COVID Outbreak Value from Crisis Blog Article

The COVID-19 Outbreak: How to Realize Value From a Crisis?

The COVID-19 outbreak is a major disruption to the global economy. The confinement measures taken by many countries are causing demand and supply shocks. Most companies are confronting sharp...
Circular Supply Chain 3 Blog Article

Circular Supply Chain: the Politics of Pollution

In previous posts, I wrote on the emergence of circular model supply chains, and the likely impacts they may have.  Of course, a response I often receive is Why?  Why are circular model supply...
Slower Supply Chain Blog Article

The Slower Supply Chain in Faster Times

A Circular Supply Chain and Increased Expectations Imagine a supply chain where daily deliveries are made directly to your doorstep with the packaging materials picked...
Supply Chan Resilience Blog

Manage Disruptions with a Resilient Supply Chain

In global manufacturing, disruptions are everywhere.  Obviously, we are in uncharted waters with the outbreak of the Coronavirus.  But prior to this crisis, disruptions to manufacturing and the supply...
Real-time supply chain orange soda

Real-Time Supply Chains and the Quest for More Orange Soda

The notion of real-time supply chains that dynamically serve the needs at points of demand with waste-free, precise planning and execution is certainly the goal of every B2B manufacturer. The legacy...
Great tools are essential for the S&OP process

Your Trade War (and COVID-19) Survival Secret: S&OP – Part 2

When we left our account of mid-market manufacturer Superior Thermodynamics (ST), the company was weathering a tremendous escalation of the US-China trade war and faced the following questions: 
Trade War S&OP Part 1 Blog Article

Your Trade War (and COVID-19) Survival Secret: S&OP – Part 1

It’s May 2020 (flash forward). As in every May in the Northern Hemisphere, flowers bloom, trees bud, and warm breezes predict the coming summer. But the global trade regime...