Responsive and Flexible Fresh Supply Chain – A Sodebo Story

Sodebo is a family-owned French food product manufacturer founded in 1973. Their goal is to be the #1 manufacturer in four package categories: Salads, sandwiches, frozen pizza, and ready-to-eat...
The 5 key pillars of S&OP

What are the 5 Key Pillars of S&OP?

What are the 5 key pillars of S&OP? The What Is S&OP? article states that the structured format of S&OP processes makes the S&OP planning methodology repeatable across businesses...
What is S&OP

What is S&OP?

Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) is a structured planning process that uses forecasted customer demand to drive production schedules. It is a “boundary spanning” activity. that, in order to...
aXoma Picture Blog article

Demand Driven Supply Chain, why is it so powerful?

Building a demand-driven supply chain is not a remedy to all supply chain issues, but it can greatly improve companies’ performance. Here is why: 1. Demand-Driven...
Next Gen Supply Chain Planning Blog Article

Next-Generation Digital Supply Chain Planning

From Unpredictable to Resilient and Agile Despite the disruptions of the past years, there are some emerging key trends in Supply Chains that provide both challenges...
Resilient Supply Chain Blog Article

Is Your Supply Chain Resilient?

A resilient supply chain is one that can operate close to normality despite an unforeseen event. We build resilient supply chains by identifying each constraint in...
Work Remotely Blog Article Part 2

The Long Drive to Remote Working – Part 2

The short journey Here and now and the future... In the previous article, we discussed the long road to being able to...
Remote working Blog Article Part 1

The Long Drive to Remote Working – Part 1

The Long Journey 30 years of possibilities and resistance 30 years ago, the large UK Multi-site food company I was working for...
Industrial Symbiosis Blog Article

What is Industrial Symbiosis?

The role of Digital Ecosystems in Circular Supply Chain. This is the fourth installment of the QAD DynaSys blog series focusing on circular supply chains.
Work From Home Blog Article

Home Sweet Office: Manage Your Supply Chain Remotely

The coronavirus outbreak has led many companies to close their offices for the foreseeable future, and for the majority, the only possibility to maintain “normal” business activities has been...