Boost your Sales Forecasting with Machine Learning

    Machine Learning Demand Planning Podcast

    Ludovic Lezenven, Principal Business Consultant, QAD DynaSys

    Forecasts provide 360-degree visibility into your business, making your organization reactive and agile and reducing risks all along the supply chain. 

    In our fast-changing world, adaptability is a key competency. A world-class supply chain needs to be proactive to face unexpected changes. 

    Learn how Machine Learning can make your forecasts predictive and give your supply chain world-class adaptability. 

    Ludovic Lezenven
    Ludovic is passionate about Supply Chain Planning. After studying Applied Mathematics, Ludovic joined the APS solution development and integration market. His experiences, which are both technical and close to the professional services, allowed him to work with S&OP and IBP process implementation issues in various fields of activity and organizations. Ludovic is now Business Consultant at QAD DynaSys and helps customers and prospects with this expertise.