Foundations of DDMRP

    Podcast DDMRP Interview

    In its growth model, QAD DynaSys have integrated DDMRP concepts into its development and was the first Supply Chain Planning solution certified by the Demand Driven Institute.

    • Risk assessment based on MRP and Lean Concepts
    • Introduction of Supply Chain basics
    • Protect and promote flow
    Gary Shaw
    Gary joined QAD DynaSys in 2014 as a Business Consultant. He is passionate about enabling organisations to unlock the potential of supply chain planning solutions to support their Integrated Business Planning processes. Prior to joining QAD DynaSys he spent 7 years in system implementation and 10 years in operational planning for various UK manufacturers and retailers. In his spare time Gary spends his weekends in wet and muddy fields watching his two sons play football and the occasional round of golf. He has promised his colleagues that one day he will learn French.


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