Roadmap to Supply Chain Resilience Planning

Disruption is not new. We are in the middle of huge disruption, but disruptions of a smaller scale are happening more and more frequently. So they are not going away any time soon.

Many manufacturers and retailers have experienced the stress, service problems, and financial costs of business disruptions. Resilience Planning is an essential tool for managing the impacts of disruption.

  • Are you able to measure/simulate event disruption across the business?
  • Are you able to make holistic decisions?
  • Do you have sufficient visibility into the supply, demand, and production facets of your supply chain?
  • Can you predict black swan events?

QAD DynaSys in cooperation with Supply Chain Media have developed a roadmap to show common potholes in the road to Resilience Planning adoption – and a secure, well-oiled supply chain that supports and evolves with your needs.