SICPA’s “S&OP & Collaborative Planning” Workshop

SICPA Workshop S&OP Blog Article

On October 1st, QAD DynaSys was honored to be able to host SICPA’s “S&OP & Collaborative Planning” workshop in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Our goal was to bring together an exclusive group of industry executives and users of QAD DynaSys’ Demand & Supply Chain Planning solutions to discuss common issues surrounding the S&OP and collaborative planning processes. Co-hosts Jean-Luc Rominger, VP R&D and Support at QAD DynaSys, and Ludovic Lezenven, Principal Business Consultant, led a rapt group of supply chain professionals through a series of frank conversations. 

Mauro Ferri, SICPA Supply Chain and Procurement Director welcomed everyone with a short intro, followed by SICPA’s key insights into the day’s subject. After a quick overview of best practices for implementing and managing an S&OP process, a lively discussion began: What about the KPIs? How can organizations collaborate better? How can users and other stakeholders better communicate (support, content, frequency, etc.)? What is the best organization structure (integration, decision making, etc.)?

In closing, Jean-Luc Rominger highlighted the primary developments of DSCP 2019 to help and support supply chain professionals on their journey towards an efficient Collaborative S&OP process.

Although attendees represented a variety of industries, everyone recognized that their business challenges are really similar. 

Synergies are even greater when it comes to the management of the S&OP process, given the struggle to involve all of the organization’s critical departments and to convince/educate them on the benefits of one common global objective: To ensure optimal customer service.

Just like the previous workshops organized by Pernod-Ricard or La Brosse Et Dupont, this day of discussion around a specific topic was much appreciated by the attendees. They gained value both from insights shared and from mutual support for the continuous improvement process on which each attendee is focused.

It was also a good opportunity for QAD DynaSys to get feedback from the field about planners’ daily challenges for today and tomorrow. 

You could be the host of our next workshop on S&OP or IBP, and help position your department as a supply chain leader by moderating a group of peers in topical subject matter discussions. I would be glad to speak with you, help you prepare, and work with you to help you get what you need from our workshop. Please contact me at