Responsive and Flexible Fresh Supply Chain – A Sodebo Story

Sodebo is a family-owned French food product manufacturer founded in 1973. Their goal is to be the #1 manufacturer in four package categories: Salads, sandwiches, frozen pizza, and ready-to-eat meals-in-a-box.

Sodebo is unique because of the constant innovation, the quality of the products, but also the human side, thanks to all the collaborators. In fact, the direction always says “In a successful company, there is no passenger, only crew members”. About this, Sodebo are sponsoring sailing boats for more than 20 years.

Working on the fresh products market means that the customers send their orders daily and want to be delivered very quickly: today or tomorrow. Sodebo’s Supply Chain teams must then be very responsive and flexible to manage the daily flows.

To do this, they rely on forecasts, it’s really in the heart of their business to have reliable forecasts in order to organize the different business services on both the workforce and machines.

To meet these challenges, Sodebo choose QAD DynaSys Demand Planning and implemented it in 2013. The solution allows them to easily integrate the data coming from the sales department, at the customers’ level, but also to push the sales horizon over 12 rolling months.

The forecasting team went through evolutions such as a better knowledge of the forecasting solution, and also a better expertise of the markets and brands we are working with.

These two elements led to an increased forecast reliability, 6 points in 6 years, and carried the S&OP project within Sodebo. In the meantime, they upgraded regularly the solution functionalities to better meet their needs. For instance, the company implemented a management by exceptions of their KPIs, and also integrated the weather sensitivity indicators of their products into the solution.

For Sodebo, an important component of DSCP is the promotions management. They collect all the promotions planned by the sales department, seize additional volumes, and DSCP automatically corrects the promotions’ impacts in the logs.

The first benefit of DSCP is to support and secure Sodebo’s S&OP process. Sales forecasts are balanced with capacity planning to provide them a better visibility of production capacities. Another benefit is to be in a continuous improvement process as the solution is very configurable, and last but not least, the use of life cycles allows the company to efficiently manage new product launches.

QAD DynaSys is on an evergoing innovation process, just like Sodebo. Thanks to this, they are working together with our R&D team on a Proof of Concept about the use of Machine Learning to continue to improve their sales forecasts.