Structure, Plan & Increase Reliability – An ADM (NEOVIA) Story

Structure, Plan & Increase Reliability - An ADM (NEOVIA) Story

ADM (NEOVIA) has specialized in animal nutrition for livestock and domestic pets since 1950. In 2019, NEOVIA was purchased by the ADM Group. Today, ADM focuses on four main activities; complete feeds for livestock, pet food, premixed and services companies, as well as  additives and ingredients replacing antibiotics with natural products. 

Restructuring and Rethinking the Supply Chain to Support Company Growth

This new purchase led to a shift in company culture. While complete foods; the company’s core business – remains a focal point for ADM, the pet food and additives sector has continued to expand. Which lead to a profound change in culture, explains Pierre Monchal, AMD’s (NEOVIA) Corporate Supply Chain Director:

“We have moved from a predominantly logistics-based culture in complete food to a global supply chain management culture. This, in an attempt to meet our customers’ expectations in both of these areas. This is helping us move forward  on all fronts,”

However, dealing with mass distribution is no easy feat..Customer requirements are constantly changing,  hence the regular promotions and frequent product changes ADM has put in place in order to stay competitive and aligned with their customers’ needs.

In addition, manufacturers who use ADM’s additive products can switch quite quickly from one type of product to another; depending on changes in regulations and market expectations. 

The market is always in movement and their supply chain needs to move with it! 

Therefore, properly anticipating their customers’ requirements has become strategic. Their entire supply chain- from purchasing through to distribution via the production plants – must be ready to meet these needs.

Neovia’s Need for an Agile, Cloud-Based Supply Chain Solution 

For pilot businesses that have embraced this new culture, the limitations of standard tools such as Excel, quickly became apparent. There was an  urgent need for powerful restructuring. And thus the adoption of an APS (Advanced Planning System) solution was crucial. 

After launching an invitation to tender with seven software vendors, NEOVIA made its final decision in June 2018. NEOVIA opted for QAD DynaSys’ DSCP (Digital & Supply Chain Planning) solution.

According to Pierre Monchal, the demand planning capabilities provide their company with reliable, common data to share. ADM has achieved considerable results in terms of sales forecasts accuracy. In turn, this has led to an improvement in their customer service levels and inventory reduction. These tangible improvements are down to the use of the QAD DynaSys tool as well as the growing maturity of ADM’s teams – both are inextricably linked.

In conclusion, QAD DynaSys’ end-to-end DSCP solution allowed AMD to promote their development across 70 production sites, and support their S&OP processes.

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Amélie Nicolas
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