Why I Work as a Supply Chain Business Consultant?

Gary has worked as Business Consultant at DynaSys since 2014. He always worked in supply chain and spent the first 10 years of his career working in demand and supply planning roles for manufacturers and retailers in the UK. During this time, Gary was always interested in the systems that planners use to help them in their job. Subsequently he spent 7 years working in supply chain system implementations across Europe.

Combining his background in operational planning and system development is what really enables him to help our customers with their supply chain challenges.

The thing I love about working at DynaSys is the real family feel and team spirit that we’ve got. I had that from the first day that I joined and that’s continued through to the present day.” Gary said “Whether that’s working on a customer demo, or working with marketing on a webinar, there is a real sense of collaborative working and team spirit within DynaSys.

In the UK, DynaSys’ offices are based in Birmingham with the Sales, Marketing and Consulting Services teams all working there. The office is also shared with our parent company QAD.

One of Gary’s biggest personal achievements is gaining professional certifications from APICS and the Demand Driven Institute. There was a lot of late night and early morning study involved on his side, but he now utilises what he learnt when helping our customers to solve their supply chain challenges.

Outside of work, Gary spends a lot of time with his family, his wife and two sons. Both his sons play a lot of sport, so in the winter Gary is usually stood in a muddy field watching football and in the summer he is probably watching cricket, sat with a cold beer. You can easily guess which one he prefers!

I am Gary Shaw, and I am helping customers build the future of their supply chain.