The Digital Supply Chain of 2030 – Supply Chain Insights Global Summit

Supply Chain Insights Global Summit 1

A Week Shared With Industry and Technology Supply Chain Leaders to Explore How to Drive a “Digital Transformation”

The DynaSys team joined an expert group of over 100 Supply Chain Leaders from Industry and Technology providers that gathered in Philadelphia, PA for the 6th Annual Supply Chain Insights Global Summit, hosted by Lora Cecere’s Supply Chain Insights organization.  Supply Chain Insights Global Summit is a unique forum for Supply Chain professionals from both the business and technology worlds to gather together during the week of Sept 3-7, 2018 to explore what the future Supply Chain of 2030 might look like. The group explore how business and technology providers can work together to help drive the Digital Transformation that is changing the way companies operate, and how it will impact the jobs of the future along with the people that make up the supply chain organization of the next decade and beyond.

Supply Chain Insights Global Summit 2

The program promoted discussions around some of the technologies that are converging to impact the performance and effectiveness of today’s supply chain organizations: Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning, Cognitive Computing, BlockChain,  Open-Source Analytics, Robotics, DDMRP (Demand –Driven MRP), and other technologies.

The DynaSys team contributed to discussions with roughly 85 leading businesses across multiple industries, along with a select group of about 40 software/technology providers. The discussions consisted of  reviewing the initiatives that industry leaders are pursuing as they look to define what a Digital Organization looks like and what it really means to drive a Digital Transformation.

From Theory to Practice

Case studies on the exciting and impactful “Digital Transformation” journeys from leading companies such as: L’Oreal, Shell Oil, Rockwell Automation, Merck, Schneider Electric, Mars, Corning, Intel, Dell and others, were presented in a collaborative, educational manner to stimulate thinking and share ideas for the vision of where this Digital Transformation may take their supply chain organizations.

Some key topics and takeaways for this group included:

  • What is the definition of the Digital Supply Chain?
  • How will Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence/Cognitive Computing be applied within the Supply Chain?
  • How do we help our people/organizations un-learn, and re-learn to be able to embrace a new world of opportunity?
  • Clarifying that the Digital Transformation is not a destination, but a continuous journey

A topic of key interest to DynaSys at this event was the attention, impact and business improvement that has been gained by businesses from their bold move to adopt DDMRP (Demand Driven MRP) planning practices, and rethink the traditional forecast driven planning approach.  Shell Oil presented an amazing case study on their Global DDMRP initiative that started with a pilot evaluation for its North American operations and the “step-change” impact it had on inventories and working capital for the Shell organization. This success story challenged the thinking of many of the participants that have grown-up on the traditional planning approach, and highlighted the theme of unlearning and relearning that was pervasive throughout the week at this unique idea-sharing event.

Lora Cecere also conducted a book-signing session for her new Supply Chain Shaman’s Journey for 2018 with her insight into the current state of the Supply Chain space.

Supply Chain Insights Global Summit 3

Overall, it was a provocative and enlightening event and it was a true pleasure to participate in this unique Supply Chain Insights Global Summit forum and interact with so many dynamic and visionary thinkers.  The educational and collaborative nature of this gathering allowed for the DynaSys team to interact with everyone in attendance and share ideas. The insight and vision from this conference can be incorporated into the DynaSys product roadmap and organizational strategies that we pursue as we look to partner with our customers on their Digital Transformation journeys and look ahead to the Supply Chain of 2030.