The goal of a S&OP process is clearly to decide. – An ARaymond story

ARaymond is a 150+ year old family-owned company with more than 25 locations worldwide specializing in fastening and assembly solutions by clipping, connecting and bonding. Today, ARaymond works with the automotive, agriculture, energy, industrial, life and truck industries. Innovation is what makes ARaymond unique; the way they are able to innovate is part of their DNA.

The goal of a S&OP process is to decide.

ARaymond’s main objective is to deliver to their customers. In the past, they faced a lot of capacity issues due to their business expanding. To solve these issues, ARaymond implemented a new processes: S&OP and MPS. The goal of a S&OP process is to decide; ARaymond is able to forecast and check their capacity, but sales, finance and management all need to be on the same page to make any decisions. With their new S&OP process, ARaymond has improved their customer rate and trust.

The main issue ARaymond faced was the quantity of data and the way they were able to manage it. They had been in the market for a S&OP solution and decided DynaSys was the best fit for their needs. The DynaSys S&OP solution was user friendly and easily integrated with their IT solutions. ARaymond uses Demand Planning for forecasting sales, and Production Planning for analyzing the capacities and anticipating the needs of their customers. What impressed ARaymond about DynaSys was DynaSys’ ability to support and optimize the solution for their specific needs.

In the near future, ARaymond plans on starting a project focused on improving their global capacity planning. Currently, they are piloting a DDMRP collaboration as they work with DynaSys to find the best solution for them.


  • Odile Daragon, Project Manager, ARaymond
  • Benoît Barré, Quick Connectors Network Coordinator, ARaymond
  • Patrick Borderie, Operations QC France Manager, ARaymond



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