The State-of-the-Art Supply Chain – An ANCA Story

Did you know everything you touch has been touched by an ANCA machine?

The most commonly asked question is “What does ANCA do?” The answer is simple, they make sensory machines. When you talk about the products they makes and the customers who buy their products, you realize their products end up in the smartphones and iPads you use, the cars you drive, the dental tools that are used when you go to the dentist or your knee implant just to name a few; ANCA is a key part of every supply chain.

The integration of the global footprint is very complex, requiring lots of day-to-day, by the minute understanding of what is going on in ANCA’s supply chain. To help them manage those complexities, particularly in regards to what the end customer wants, the manufacturer needs sophisticated tools to help them with demand forecasting to ensure that they have the right information, data and inventory at the right place and time.

ANCA’s supply chain is extremely complex; they buy components from almost every country in the world. To manage their global inventory system and supply chain effectively, the company relies very heavily on state-of-the-art systems. They have put a lot of emphasis on inventory management and control, and data integrity in their systems to produce predictable and accurate results that allows them to see where they have adequate coverage and where they need to address issues. ANCA needs real-time, fast response systems; it’s critical for their business.

ANCA is looking to fully integrate all of their systems within the Cloud, including the end-to-end from new order entry and new orders right through to the service end of their business. A fully integrated system with common data and databases is critical to their success in that space. ANCA is continually looking at how they can do that better; the true mark of their success is judged by their customers.


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